Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fabulous Fall

Here is quilt #8 done in October '08...I know, I've skipped over quilts #6 and 7...but those I will show shortly. Here is my Fabulous Fall Quilt. The pattern is called "Spice Cake" and it's by Mary's Cottage Quilts done in the Fabulous Fall material by Deb Strain. It was fun to make this quilt and it was more time-consuming than the other quilts I have done which is a good thing. I think I need to find some more difficult patterns that will take longer to do. Tell me...are you good about putting labels on your quilts? My girlfriend (the one who got me thinking about quilting - Christine) told me to be sure I always put a label on my quilts because down the road I'll wish I had...well, I haven't put labels on any quilts yet (sorry Christine!) and I'm wishing I one thing on my agenda in the near future is to put labels on them. I have a jelly roll called Decadent Victorian that I've had for a while and have finally found the pattern to do it in, so tomorrow I'll post my material and the pattern for my next project. PS...check out Amanda's tutorial for Christmas stockings, it's adorable! Hope your week is going great!


Jennie said...

Lovely quilt! Your piecing is beautiful!
I label all my quilts with a name (I "name" all my quilts, kind of like paintings), my name, the date I finished it, who it's for if it's a gift, and who quilted it, if I sent it out. For babies I put all their stats (birthdate, time, weight, length, etc) on the quilt label. The parents love it! I think it's a very good idea to label. I make mine with my embroidery machine, but there are lots of easier ways to do it!- Jennie

Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT!!!! That turned out so pretty!

Lurline said...

Love, love this quilt! Like you, I didn't label my quilts for ages - do now, though!
Hugs - Lurline!