Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mini Pillow Cases

Well today it was rainy and cold, about 38 degrees so it was a good day to stay in and get some sewing done! I put together the back for my Christmas quilt which I posted on November 9th, made the binding for the Christmas quilt so it is ready when it comes back from the quilt shop. Then I attached the binding to my Fabulous Fall quilt that I picked up from the quilters last week. I hope to have a picture of my Fall quilt and can post it in the next day or so. I'm not very good at getting the binding cut and ready so when a quilt comes back I can just attach it, so that is my new goal, to make sure the binding is done BEFORE the quilt comes back.

I then got working on these 3 travel-size pillow cases for my nephew's. They are very active in sports and spend a lot of time in the car traveling to see family and vacationing, so small pillows for them to take seemed like a good idea. They were fun to make so I'm sure I will be making more in the near future.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend :o)


Jennie said...

Those are so cute! Perfect for travelling! I love the fabric choices too!- Jennie

Unknown said...

What a great idea . My kids could do with some of those .
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