Saturday, February 26, 2011

Halloween Quilt #3

Happy snowy Saturday from Ohio! Well, this is hubby's weekend to work and i've been feeling very ambitious to sew, so this morning i was up early and working on a quilt i started a month or so ago....i haven't lost my mind (my husband may say differently) but it's ANOTHER halloween quilt...this is the 3rd one i've done since October and can finally say i'm over least until fall rolls around.

So, here is a pic of the quilt i just is for someone very close and i'm sure she will luv it! it is the same pattern i used for my quilt and i just luv the pinwheels!

To the future owner of this quilt, you will need to think of a name for her so i can put it on the label ... she's off to the quilters on Monday!

Now, this evening or tomorrow i am going to dig out my pinwheel quilt that i started last year some time from the Pinwheel Party Quilt Along and see if i can get some done on that.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mug Rugs

Gosh, it's been a while since I posted, but that is because there isn't much going on it is cold, 4 inches of snow so far today plus freezing rain for 2 hours this morning and lots of wind with the snow still coming down...good day to stay indoors! Maybe I'll make a pot of soup tomorrow!

So, this weekend i purchased some fat quarters to make some mug is one set of fabrics ... i have no idea what they are called and i normally don't buy these colors but something just hit me with the purples, blue and greens. so here is the other fabric i bought and this is the mug rug i made...i have another row of 4 to put on it but i decided not to because i thought it would be too big, but after looking at it more, i think I'm going to add it...either that or purchase some fabric for a small border....

So...that's all that's going on here in Northwest Ohio...i hope wherever you are it is sunny and warm!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Star Quilt Quilt A-Long

Hello! Hope you had a great week! Well, I've decided to join the Star Quilt quilt-a-long that Piece N Quilt is having...i've decided on Kansas Troubles...surprise surprise! I luv that line and all the fabrics they keep coming out with! So here is a picture of my fabrics...the light color will be the background fabric...
And here is what the quilt will look like when it's done...
So...are you doing the quilt along? If so, what fabrics are you using?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Train Derailed

Hello! Well, there has been no sewing going on this week, but hubby works this weekend, so i'm hoping to get something accomplished.

Last weekend a train carrying ethanol from Chicago to the Carolinas derailed at the edge of town. Twenty six cars went off the track and several of them exploded. It happened at 2:15 am on Sunday. People nearby were evacuated and said it looked like daylight out. Nineteen hours later, the ethanol was still burning. Here are some amazing pictures ...

Hope you are having a great week!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

No Sewing :O(

Spring Where are you?!?!?!

No sewing this week...

Hubby and I are both sick...

Lots of coughing, sore throat, head ache, chest hurts...

We've been taking Mucinex DM, helping a bit but not enough so we decided to turn to old style medicine...we just did a shot of Old Grand Dad Whiskey that we keep in the refrigerator for times like this...

Excuse us now while we go take a nap...