Thursday, December 30, 2010


Let me just say that 2010 was a good year ... not a great year and it doesn't seem like much quilting was done, so 2011 is going to definitely be a better year of quilting with my new Janome!

I just looked at my post archive from 2010 and only did 59 posts the whole year! ... Well that is definitely going to change! I'm going to make a better effort at posting more and hopefully having many more projects to show! I think I will also make more of an effort to leave comments on other blogs. I look at so many blogs and luv them all, just don't take the time to comment.

Oh gosh ... and those WIPs! I am probably not as bad as alot of other quilters, but i think i have about 4 quilts in the works and I want to get those completed early this year before I start another one! Remember this pinwheel quilt-along from Twiddletails ...well i still need to do a few blocks and all the pinwheel sashing ... i think it's going to be adorable, i just need to do it!
Thank you to all the comments left on my search of fabric in my previous post and THANK YOU Needlewings! I was able to find the fabric!! It is Collection for a Cause by Moda and I was able to order the border fabrics this morning! WOO HOO! This may actually be my first finish for 2011 when the new fabric comes in :O) I'm also planning on quilting this one my self, so i can tell you it won't be anything fancy ... just a bunch of straight lines!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year and thanks so much for checking out my blog :O)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Any Idea What Fabric Line(s) This Is?

So, when i got my Janome i was so excited and just wanted to sew but didn't have any projects cut out ... cuz i wasn't planning on getting the Janome! So i remembered i had received a scrap bag of stuff from the year of schnibbles and they were 3" i drug those out and decided to make a scrappy rail.

So here is my scrappy rail and I really like the looks of it...the colors are very pretty together! i just need to know what then name of the fabric line(s) are so i can order a few cuts for borders ... here are a few close-up shots of the fabrics...

i really love the paisley in these pictures.
Hopefully one of you great quilters out there will know this line!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog in 2010 and I hope 2011 is an even BETTER year with the new machine! Have a wonderful and safe new year's eve and we'll see you next year :O)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Santa ROCKS!

I have one of the bestest Santa's EVER!!

If you could only see me now! I can't stop smiling! I was on the verge of jumping up and down! I keep giving my Santa kisses! I told my Santa I feel like we have a new baby so we are definitely going to give it a name ... his suggestion ... Cadillac :O)

Today Santa and I stopped at a local Ice Cream store that has wonderful chocolate so we could get a stocking stuffer for my dad...I was just unlocking the car to leave and Santa said ... why don't you show me this sewing machine you've been talking about ... i about dropped the chocolate! Since the shop is just a few doors down from the ice cream store we strolled down, i showed it to him, the lady told us all about it (like i didn't already know the info!), I asked a bunch of questions (just to make it look good)... Santa just asked what the warranty was like ... then i asked the lady how many they had in stock and while she was checking Santa said ... let's just get it while we are here! My mouth dropped open, my eyes got huge and i couldn't take the smile off my face :O) is my new baby ... i'm thinkin the name Gerty or Bella Bleu sound good for her ...

Thank you Santa, you're the best and I LUV YOU!