Friday, June 26, 2009


YEAH!!!! It's my 100th post and I'm having a GIVEAWAY!!! I am giving away 2 charm packs created by my quilt store and two 1/2 yard cuts of Nature's Chorus by April Cornell.

You will have 3 chances to enter your name and I will draw the name out of a hat on July 13th. Here are the different ways you can enter...

1. Join my blog as a follower (if you already are, that counts!)

2. Post about my giveaway on your blog

3. Leave me a comment and let me know the name of your favorite quilt pattern. Be sure to let me know in your comment what you have done so I know how many times your name should be entered.


Swanky Start....Brrrrr

Hello!!! Yesterday i dropped off the quilts for my nephews at the quilters and they should be done in about 3 weeks ... i can't wait to see them, they will look awesome!

So last night i needed something to do so i started a new project. This jumble of material...

will eventually become this quilt...
I'm using the Swanky jellyroll and a bit of yardage and can't wait to finish this girly quilt.

So, we have a ranch house and when we put the air conditioner in our bedroom window, we can close off all the other rooms, bathroom and laundry room and the AC in our bedroom will cool down the entire house. Well my husband tends to "crank" the AC when he gets up, especially the last few days because it has been so hot and humid in Ohio ... so last night when he was at work i went to go to bed and about FROZE when i walked in our bedroom! i looked at the thermometer that sits on the dresser and here is what it said ...

It was 59 degrees in our bedroom and freezing! I was definitely regretting that i took the electric mattress pad cover off ... i so would have cranked it on high for some heat! I shouldn't complain, i should just be happy that we have AC!

Well, this is my 99th post, so my next post will be a GIVEAWAY and i will have several different ways for you to enter your name....stay tuned :O)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Hello everyone!!! Well, it's been almost a week since my last post and I was hoping to post more often, however, i have nothing to post about! This weekend I bought backing fabric for 2 of the quilts (Alex & Matthew) and Michael's was bought a week earlier. Below is a pic of the cute bag given to me when I was at the Door Mouse purchasing fabric. They are making them for their 30th Anniversary this year so that customers can bring them back to put there fabric in. Just another step for them to go green...isn't it pretty!

This weekend we went to ballgames for Alexander's team and they were great to watch and he did SUPER but you always feel so bad for them when they lose :o(

Other than that just a little bit of riding. Hope everyone is having a great week!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hour Bag Fabric

My Cousin and I went shopping last weekend and i was on the hunt for backing material for the boys' quilts ... i found Michael's backing and binding but had no luck with Alex and Matthew's.

While we were shopping i happened to come across the CUTEST fabric and decided to make a bag with it ... the bag my cousin happened to be carrying ... it is called the Hour Bag. She found the pattern on someones website and it is absolutely adorable! Maybe if she sends me a picture of it i can post it in the near the meantime, here is the fabric i bought to make it...isn't it just awesome! i LOVE how bright the green is. The green will be the lining and the floral the fun and summery!!! I plan to do some sewing this weekend but haven't decided what i want to start. Maybe i'll get the rest of the backing fabric and get those finished! What a good idea!!

Don't forget ... i'm coming up on my 100th post and i will definitely be having a give-away with several different ways to be entered.

Monday, June 15, 2009


I am so excited to say that Michael's quilt is finished! It looks awesome and Michael did a great job picking out some awesome colors! The orange is so bright that it just gives a WOW factor to this quilt. Michael has chosen solid black for the backing with orange binding and that too will look great! Michael has chosen the name SWIRL for his quilt. Tomorrow night i will get the backing put together for Michaels and then i will start doing some piecing for Alex and Matthew's quilts and I have to purchase some more fabric for their backings and bindings also...darn, i guess that means a trip to the door mouse ... oh what a fabulous store!

ps...i'm coming up on my 100th post so it may be time for a give-away in the near future :O)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Design Your Own Fat Quarter Bundle Give Away

How awesome does this give away sound ... stop over at The Fabric Shopper and check out the awesome giveaway! You get to design your own FQ from Whipstitch on Etsy. There are also several chances to win.

Not much sewing has taken place the last 2 days but tomorrow night i hope to get the blocks all measured and start sewing the rows together.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Whirly Gig Blocks Complete

HOW SWEET IT IS! i so can not believe i finished getting all the whirly gigs cut, ironed, sewed, ironed, pinned, sewed and ironed again! Here are the stacks of 90 whirly giggle blocks and i'm so glad i have gotten this far. Now i can just trim them up and start putting the rows together...What a great feeling :O)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Whirlys and Giggles Cutting

This morning i started cutting the whirly's and the giggles for Michael's quilt and have come to the conclusion that it's going to take me all weekend just to get them cut! So, about 30 blocks in to the whirly's i decided to cut some giggles and sew them together to see how it was going to look and Michael ... i think your quilt is going to look SPECTACULAR!!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Another Give Away

Twiddletails is having a give away ... stop by and leave a comment :O)

Beginning Michael's Quilt

Well, it's 7:00 pm on Friday evening and in the last 2 hours i have cut all 360 squares for Michael's Whirly Giggle quilt. So now i'm off to dinner with the girls for mexican and i'm SURE that will consiste of a margarita or two or i don't believe i will be cutting any more this evening! But...first thing Saturday morning i will set out to get all the whirly and giggles cut so i can begin putting the blocks together.

Have a GREAT evening :O)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Quilt Give Away

GIVE AWAY!!!! How beautiful is this quilt! Well you can win this! Be sure to stop by Sheri Howard's for your chance to win this quilt.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Test Whirly Giggle

Hello! I haven't been doing much sewing since i finished Alexander's quilt, but tonight i spent some time using some Joann Fabric material to do a whirly giggle table topper. I wanted to do a test run before i started cutting Michael's fabric for his quilt. I'm happy with how the blocks came out and it was very simple to do. So now i'll put these blocks away and put them together another time so that I can get started on Michael's...just one more quilt and all 3 for my Nephews will be done ... WOO HOOO! Don't take that comment that i'm not happy to do them for the boys cuz i think they will look awesome in their rooms and it's something they will have for a long time and for that I'm honored :O) So after Michael's quilt is completed i'll do the backs for them and off to the quilter they go! Then i can start working on a few Christmas ideas I have in mind for people and then it's on to the 11 future quilts that I have already bought the material for! I'm such a sucker for material, but when I find Moda on sale and at a great price, i just can't pass it up! Hello, my name is Lisa and I'm addicted to Fabric! YIKES!

Have a great week and i'll post some pictures this weekend of the progress for Michael's!

Give Away

Be sure to stop by Vickie's blog because she is having an awesome giveaway and there will be 4 winners!!

Not much sewing going on ... i'm waiting to start working on a Whirly Giggle quilt but hope to have pictures later this week and since hubby is working this weekend, i hope to get alot of sewing done!

Have a great week!