Sunday, August 29, 2010

August Schnibble ... DONE

Hello! Hope everyone had a great weekend! I so can't believe it is over!

I'm not sure where the month of August went because up until this morning all I had done on my schnibble was make my flying geese and the 4 patches ... then it sat on the kitchen table waiting to be this morning i squared up the flying geese and the four patches, assembled the center, then cut and made the border...I love how it turned out and I'm glad i used the border the pattern called for rather than a solid border. I selected the pattern Plan C and used Zippity Doo Dah for my schnibble. Hope you have a great week!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Michael!

Hi Everyone! Well today was Michael's birthday! I feel like such a horrible aunt right now ... i worked 12 hours today and never even got a chance to call Michael and wish him a happy birthday! But ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL! I will definitely be calling him tomorrow! Glad I got to spend a day with him last week shopping!!

So here are some pictures of Michael when he was still a little guy ... gosh, i hate that they grow up!

Just a happy boy in my exersaucer...

Trick or treatin with my my brothers ... that is Alex next to him ...
Michael's first birthday spent at the lake ...
My first birthday floatin in the lake ... what a life ...
Life is good....
Look at me ... I'm a happy baby :O)
Once again ... all smiles ...
Gosh are you cute Michael!
My brothers first day of school a few years back ... but i'm ready to go too ...
I hope you had a wonderful birthday Michael !!! Love you Bunches!!! Sahsan & Uncle Dave

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Peaches ... YUM!

It's been pretty quiet around here this week with not much sewing happening ... i did make some flying geese for my schnibble, but that's about it.

Last weekend we went to a big flea market and they always have great produce vendors there so i bought these.... Added a bit of sugar, lemon juice and pectin....

and made this .... peach jam ... yum! It is so gooey and sweet ... i think i'm heading to the store this evening for some vanilla ice cream ... i'm thinking this will be the perfect topping!
So hubby stopped at a local country market today and picked these up ... they are going in the freezer so i can make some more jam this winter :O)
Hope you are having a great week! Mine is flying by as i've been very busy at work so i haven't done much of anything else...but this weekend hubby works so my plan is to get my schinbble done, especially since the end of the month is next Tuesday ... UGH!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Where has August Gone!

Hello! How have you been? I'm not sure where the month of August has gone, but I can't believe it is more than half over and and I have done about no sewing!

One evening i cut out my fabric for my schnibble and the next started to sew together some pieces, and here is how they looked ....

So after messing with my machine for about an hour i gave up and went back to it later ... messed with it some more and she finally worked perfectly ... i keep telling my husband this is why i need a nice bernina or pfaff or any one of those nice big fancy machines ... i just haven't convinced him that they are worth the $$$$ ... but i'm still working on him!

So here is the fabric i am doing my August Schnibble in ... it is Zippity Doo Dah and I love this fabric ... i've had it for some time and decided Plan C is the perfect project for it!

So last week I took my youngest Nephew Michael out to lunch at Graffiti Burger and shopping for his birthday. While I was in Columbus I decided I needed to stop by Red Rooster Quilts just to browse ... no plans on buying ... but i just couldn't pass up this fabric ... how adorable is this?!?!?! I have nothing Halloween but decided this would make a cute table topper ... the yellow stars and the mouth and eyes on the bats glow in the dark! I can't wait to whip something up with this ... who knows, it may be just pinwheels, but i think it's adorable!
If you don't have this book, you definitely need to get it. I LOVE THIS BOOK! It has so many cute patterns and i can't wait to make a few larger quilts to go with all my schnibs!
And finally ... this ... i came across this pattern in the Better Homes and Garden Quilt Sampler Spring/Summer 2010 issue ... it's called Perfect Harmony and i think it will look awesome in my kitchen once i get it painted. I'm going to do the walls in a deeper tan color and paint my chair rail a deep barn red ... and i think will go perfectly! I'm going shopping in Amish country with my cousin in September so that will be the time for me to shop for fabrics....
So ... i've been up to absolutely nothing, no sewing, not much shopping, just lots of working and a bit of house cleaning ... but hopefully this week i'll be able to knock out some of my schnibble and have some pictures to post.

Until then I hope you have a wonderful week ;O)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Poor Tree

My poor tree ... let me tell you a story ... i'll make it short.

When we moved in our house 18 years ago, there was one small shrub up against our house and my husband tied a rope to it, tied the rope to the back of his truck and removed the shrub ... so for years i kept saying i wanted a tree and i wanted shrubs ... and after enough nagging, we planted 3 shrubs, a pine tree and my flowering tree ... well i think my flowering tree is going to die...from the weight of the branches, the left side of the tree is touching the ground and there is a crack down the middle of the trunk ... hubby said he stuck his hand in the truck because there is a hole in it now :O)

So here's a picture of my pretty tree in bloom and i'm hoping she makes it ...

I planned to do so much sewing this weekend but really haven't done much ... i put a stocking quilt together, but decided i don't like how the sashing lined up, so i'm going to take that apart and try to fix it and i was going to put binding on 3 quilts/toppers and haven't done any of that ... hope you are having a better sewing weekend than I.