Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sweet Hydrangea

This is quilt #3 that was completed in May 2008. It is the Turning 20 pattern done with Milk & Honey Hydrangea material. I just love this material and was very happy with how it turned out. Somehow it seems that i "just love" all the material I use for my quilts :O) I had some brown and green material that came with this collection but it just didn't look as pretty with those colors so I took them out.
My plan for this quilt was to give it away but I just couldn't! Does anyone else have that problem? I've made 9 quilts and have only been able to give 1 away...my husband keeps asking what we're going to do with all these quits, but I'm sure we'll come up with something!
I have been wanting an old ladder that I can either stand up against the wall to hang quilts on but then I saw where someone took a ladder and hung it sideways on the wall and hung folded up quilts from it that way and it was beautiful.
Be sure to stop by the Old Red Barn as they are having a giveaway of 3 quilts!!! They are absolutely beautiful so don't miss your chance to win one!
Hope you week is going well!


Joanna said...

I adore the fabrics you chose! I too have the "give away" problem, and my hubby asks me the same question. There are two answers to the question: 1) you can never have too many quilts. 2) when the end of the world comes and everyone else is freezing their bums off, you will be warm in a pile of quilts! Those usually keep him at bay....at least for a while.

Terry said...

Beautiful quilt! My mom has a ladder hanging from a peg rack that she hangs quilts from. I have one standing against the wall for the same purpose. I need a few more though for all the quilts I have! :0)

Unknown said...

OH.!! your Quilt looks Beautiful Lisa...Love the fabrics they all go Wonderfully together...

Dee said...

Oh Lisa. My hubby keeps asking me the same sort of thing. He says "why do you need more quilts, you can only use one at a time?" My response is "Same reason why you keep buying more surfboards - and you can only use one at a time." He says point taken. lol. I have a ladder too but am still trying to get it into a condition to use it. Keep on pumping out those beautiful works of art. D. :=)