Friday, December 19, 2008

Icy Day

Good Morning! Well it's been a crazy morning. Our weather has been freezing rain. There have been transformers blowing, trees falling on houses and the restaurant down the street on fire. Schools are closed so it's a good day to stay home and bake! Here is a picture of my neighbors tree and if you look close you can see the ice on the power lines. Here is a close-up of my Rose of Sharon tree. It doesn'l look too bad, but you can sure see how crunchy the grass is. Have a great weekend!


Unknown said...

It sounds like it's a good day to stay indoors. Ice storms do so much damage. I love your sassy 16 quilt top. Kimberley does such great patterns.

Lise said...

sure sounds like a day to stay indoors, also seems like you had a lot of events going on in your area...beautiful quilt..happy stitching Lise

Joanna said...

I was complaining to my DH about the blizzard we've had the past couple days, but I'll take snow any day over trees falling on houses and power going out!