Monday, March 2, 2009


Hello! Well, it has been 8 days since my last post and I have done NOTHING! I have no quilts started, no patterns picked out, but TONS of material! Since I'm on the track of only working on one quilt at a time and i don't want to start one this week because I am going fabric shopping in Cleveland Thursday and Amish country Friday ... my goal ... FLANNEL! I have been wanting to make a rag quilt for some time so that is my mission this week! Kim at Still Meadow Quilting has a great rag quilt on her January 8th post so that is the simple pattern I am shooting for. Since I won't start another quilt this week, I may put together one of those fabric baskets that have been the big buzz...they are cute and i think there are so many things they could be used for. Hope everyone has a great week !


Sara said...

I hear ya, I think its the weather we are having. Its just got us in a funk! Hope you have fun in my neck of the woods this week shopping, I am sure you will find lots of great finds, if you can go to Charm. We did a flannel rag quilt several years ago and got lots of great flannels there (and not to expensive!)

Unknown said...

Look out once you get going again !
clares craftroom

Anonymous said...

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