Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just My Luck!

Have you ever had one of those nights when you just know you should have sat on the couch with a bottle of wine or pitcher of margaritas and just watch a good movie?!?! Well, i think that is the night i should have had!

Don't get me wrong, i did get alot done, but i had such big plans for this evening and it bit me! I wanted to get 4 of the pumpkin toppers quilted and bound and was on my way ... when i only had 2 more lines to quilt with the orange thread and I RAN OUT! UGH!

So i thought no problem, i'll just get the binding made for all 4 and i can get the 3 bound that i did get quilted ... great plan! So, the binding was made and i sat down to put binding on the first one ... WRONG! ... the binding fabric is a cream/tan color ... i didn't have any more ivory thread, only BRIGHT WHITE!!! OH i was so mad! It was only 7:30 and i still had another few hours i wanted to sew!

Based on how the beginning of my evening went, i decided it best to put my sewing away, put my jammies on and watch the Biggest Loser! I almost pulled out my Cotton Candy quilt to put the binding on that, but was afraid to based on everything else that went wrong.

On another note, i came across this picture the other day and have to say it is my absolute favorite costume! My brother worked for UPS for years and so when the boys were little it was a big thing to see a UPS truck ... so my oldest nephew Alex decided he wanted to be the UPS man for Halloween and so my sister-in-law made him a truck out of a cardboard box and it was just AWESOME! She painted it all up, put wheels on it and straps inside so he could hold it on his shoulders...what a cutie!! Just had to share it with you :O)

I hope you all had a great evening and your sewing was wonderful!


Rebecca P said...

I've had days like that too. You are so right, the best remedy for this is to turn the sewing machine off & go watch a movie.
Hope the new day brings better success.

~Laurie~ said...

Been there, done that!! You did the right thing - just walk away!! LOL!
Hope today brings you better luck!

Barb said...

Sorry.....I hate it when that happens...

Kristin said...

Love the little UPS man! So adorable.

Valerie the Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Oh my gosh I missed this, SO CUTE!!!