Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wonky Block Number One

Ok ... so tonight i worked on the first wonky block for Alexander's quilt ... not sure i'm diggin this one ... i seem to have a problem making cuts that are not straight! I made 2 cuts that were crooked and i just wanted to straighten them out because they just aren't suppose to be crooked!!! HELP!!!! I think i'm going to make two of the outer black strips crooked...YIKES! Tomorrow i will work on some more and hopefully they will go together easier if i just tell myself it's ok to not have everything right!


Sheila said...

If you're not too far done with piecing, maybe try this or something like this

I have a difficult time with 'wonky' too, but these two are my favorites

Sara said...

I have a hard time cutting the pieces crooked too! I just can't do it! I think it is the OCD in me!