Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Matthew's Quilt Coming Along

Good Evening Peeps! Hope everyone is having a great week! Monday and Tuesday night i spent working on Matthew's Almost Irish quilt...the blocks are all cut, the 4 patch blocks are assembled and now i'm ready to attach all the blocks together to make the rows. My plan is to get the rows assembled Friday evening and then on Saturday attach the rows to each other to complete the quilt. It sounds like a great plan, so let's just hope it happens, however, the more i think about it, i'll plan on finishing it this weekend rather than Saturday! I just realized there are 11 blocks across and 13 rows :O)

The picture below is just a layout of about 12 blocks to get a feel of what it will look like. Matthew really likes the fabric of the top left block, so i think i'm going to cut some more of that to throw in...this quilt is going to be great and it sure screams MATTHEW!


rachel griffith said... looks great.
i've been working on mine.
i've been putting mine together block by block instead of making all the little 4 patch blocks and then piecing.

Kristin said...

that looks awesome!

Candace said...

Now a guy can't help but like that! Great job!