Sunday, January 31, 2010

1 Million Pillowcase Challenge

Well this weekend i finished my pillowcases for the 1 million pillowcase challenge. i made one dozen pillowcases, 4 of each pictured. I'm going to donate my pillowcases to Red Rooster Quilts in Dublin, Ohio. OH! and have you checked out Moda Bake Shop lately? There is an adorable new pattern posted today called Vintage Inspired Bear Paw Quilt that I'm going to do in my muted florals (pictured below). I've had these fabrics for over a year and they're drivin me nuts so i think they would be very pretty in that pattern with an ivory background.
I also did some quilting on my red white and blue table topper and hope to finish that this week. i'm not diggin the red thread, so i may have to purchase something that goes a little better with the fabric.

Have a great week!

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Trisha said...

Very cool that you are donating pillowcases. I think I am going to get going on that too. What an easy way to give back and a great way to destash a little.

I love the bear paw quilt idea too. Your fabrics are perfect for that pattern and the quilt is going to be so beautiful with all those florals. I can't wait to see it!