Sunday, December 6, 2009

Betsy's Runner

Hi Everyone! Happy Sunday! Here in my part of Ohio it is a very mild and sunny day. High in the upper 30's but lots of sunshine!

I haven't done a whole lot of sewing that i can show because the holidays are upon us, but here is a picture of the table runner I made for my SIL. It turned out so cute and i think it looks much better in person!

And here's a picture of the boys' dog ... Shortstop ... isn't he just a ham :O)
Probably won't have much to post this week unless i get working on my December Schnibble, so until then, have a wonderful week!


Kathy said...

That is the cutest table runner! Where did you get the pattern? She is going to love it.

Oh, and the dog is a lil cutie too!

Phyllis said...

The runner is cute; the dog is ADORABLE, and I love, love, love your quilt in the header!

Della said...

I really like the table runner but "Shortstop" is adorable.