Monday, February 8, 2010

Pretty Snow

This ... is what it looked like in Findlay, Ohio this morning ...
We're suppose to get snow all day tomorrow (Tuesday) and in to Wednesday and they are calling for 12+ inches ... i can't wait, i hope we get it all and then some!!

Tonight ... hubby's working and i'm going to clean like a mad-woman so tomorrow night i can sew, sew, sew while i watch it snow, snow, snow!

Happy Monday everyone!


Tudy said...

That is what it looked like a about 2 hours east of you too.

Stay in and keep warm.

Della said...

That is so beautiful. I love the snow. And I like the way you think. Wish I was there to quilt with you.

Thearica said...

THAT is a gorgeous postcard in the making!