Saturday, February 6, 2010

Matthew ... Bad Day

Last Wednesday wasn't a good day for Matthew. I don't quite understand what he was doing, something about jumping on something then hanging from something then he either let go or slipped and landed on the ground, thus fracturing his elbow .... OUCH!

He was at the ER until about 1 am Thursday morning then to the orthopedic surgeon's on Friday for another x-ray and then on to get a CT scan because they didn't like how the fracture looked. I think it was near his growth plate so they wanted a better look at it so he goes back Monday for the CT here's a picture of matthew with his cast ... he's rooting for the COLTS in the Super Bowl ... GO PEYTON!!!

So let's just hope that everything comes back OK on his scan and his elbow heals just fine! He's all about sports, so it will definitely be a long 6 weeks in this cast.

Have a great week everyone!


Barb said...

I hope his elbow heals figure. He looks pretty happy in the picture, hope he is in no pain.

Unknown said...

Poor Matthew ! That's boys , my son broke his elbow but all is well now .Hope Mattew is ok .

Trisha said...

He looks happy! My son was pretty happy to get a cast. He didn't like that it limited him but he thought it was really cool to have it. All his friends signed it. He still reminisces about it. LOL I hope Matthew heals properly and feels better. For now he should start working on some crazy stories about sky diving and other crazy stunts to tell how he broke it. LOL