Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Few New Schnibbles ...

Yesterday i got a few new Schnibbles patterns and 2 charm packs of Garden Party in the mail. I love the colors of Garden Party, but not sure I want to use them for my February cousin suggested using black and white fabrics for the bowties and calling it 'A Black Tie Affair' which i think would be pretty too, just nothing to go with it in my house. I'll be quilt shopping hopefully this weekend, so maybe something will come to me. And i got this ... i love this pattern! I was reading it and Miss Rosie gives you fabric requirements to make it much larger than a schnibble, so i am going to make one that is 49" square. I've been wanting to make a red, white and blue quilt for some time now, so this is it!!!
It's still pretty cold here in Ohio, but the snow has let up. Yesterday we received 11" and another 2" this morning. It's sure pretty and it could snow like this all the time for me, but I don't think my husband would be too fun to live with if that was the case :O)

Have a happy Wednesday!

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Trisha said...

Black Tie Affair is such a cute idea! Love that red, white, and blue Schnibble!