Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 Calendar Quilt Challenge

Hello! So I was just reading my friend Christine's blog ... and she has a post regarding a Calendar Quilt Challenge that Rachel is hosting that sounds like a ton of fun. You add a new strip each day of the year, or you can do it a week or month at a time. Then at the end of the year you have a completed quilt. I think I am going to do mine in blocks with sashing between them. I'm going to make one block for each month and each block will be done in one set color. Since I just began quilting in January 08 and 3 of my 10 quilts are done in Kansas Troubles, I'm afraid that most of my Calendar Quilt would look pretty boring, so I'm going to be purchasing some FQs so I have enough material for the quilt...darn, another trip to the quilt store!!! Be sure to check out the Challenge. It's going to be lots of fun!!!


Unknown said...

Terribly tiresome having to continually go shopping for fabric .Can I come too?
Clare's Craftroom

Jennie said...

How awful... another trip to the quilt shop! I signed up for the challenge too, thanks to your blogging about it! So thank you (I think...)- Jennie