Wednesday, July 7, 2010

June Schnibble Done

Woo Hoo! My June Schnibble is done! I used the fabric scraps from my In The Pink II and made a larger table topper for m living room. I didn't trim the blocks as small as they were suppose to be because I didn't want to cut off all that fabric ... therefore, mine don't match up like the pattern shows, but i like the way they look anyways ... besides, it's going to be on an end table with pictures and remotes on top of it so i'm guessing no one will notice ... Two more schnibbles to do and then we are done! I think I'm ready for that because I haven't been making the quilts like I was before I started the Schnibble a Month so it will be nice to work on a quilt. I'm glad I did the schnibbles though because it really gave me a variety of table toppers for my house.

Hope you are having a great day!


Trisha said...

Very pretty! As much as I have loved participating in A Year of Schnibbles, I too am looking forward getting back to all the projects I want to work on. Now watch, they will start A Year of Schnibbles II and we will try to resist but probably join up again. LOL

Anonymous said...

Very Sweet...wasn't this a fun one?

Rebecca P said...

Very pretty colors. I hope they do another year of Schnibbles, I think I would like to do it.
Love the pattern.