Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Peaches ... YUM!

It's been pretty quiet around here this week with not much sewing happening ... i did make some flying geese for my schnibble, but that's about it.

Last weekend we went to a big flea market and they always have great produce vendors there so i bought these.... Added a bit of sugar, lemon juice and pectin....

and made this .... peach jam ... yum! It is so gooey and sweet ... i think i'm heading to the store this evening for some vanilla ice cream ... i'm thinking this will be the perfect topping!
So hubby stopped at a local country market today and picked these up ... they are going in the freezer so i can make some more jam this winter :O)
Hope you are having a great week! Mine is flying by as i've been very busy at work so i haven't done much of anything else...but this weekend hubby works so my plan is to get my schinbble done, especially since the end of the month is next Tuesday ... UGH!!!

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Marls said...

Yum, that jam looks divine, as do the peaches.Enjoy.