Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Poor Tree

My poor tree ... let me tell you a story ... i'll make it short.

When we moved in our house 18 years ago, there was one small shrub up against our house and my husband tied a rope to it, tied the rope to the back of his truck and removed the shrub ... so for years i kept saying i wanted a tree and i wanted shrubs ... and after enough nagging, we planted 3 shrubs, a pine tree and my flowering tree ... well i think my flowering tree is going to die...from the weight of the branches, the left side of the tree is touching the ground and there is a crack down the middle of the trunk ... hubby said he stuck his hand in the truck because there is a hole in it now :O)

So here's a picture of my pretty tree in bloom and i'm hoping she makes it ...

I planned to do so much sewing this weekend but really haven't done much ... i put a stocking quilt together, but decided i don't like how the sashing lined up, so i'm going to take that apart and try to fix it and i was going to put binding on 3 quilts/toppers and haven't done any of that ... hope you are having a better sewing weekend than I.

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Lurline said...

Maybe it is just part of the ageing progress and she'll get a new lease on life!
Hugs - Lurline♥