Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Test Whirly Giggle

Hello! I haven't been doing much sewing since i finished Alexander's quilt, but tonight i spent some time using some Joann Fabric material to do a whirly giggle table topper. I wanted to do a test run before i started cutting Michael's fabric for his quilt. I'm happy with how the blocks came out and it was very simple to do. So now i'll put these blocks away and put them together another time so that I can get started on Michael's...just one more quilt and all 3 for my Nephews will be done ... WOO HOOO! Don't take that comment that i'm not happy to do them for the boys cuz i think they will look awesome in their rooms and it's something they will have for a long time and for that I'm honored :O) So after Michael's quilt is completed i'll do the backs for them and off to the quilter they go! Then i can start working on a few Christmas ideas I have in mind for people and then it's on to the 11 future quilts that I have already bought the material for! I'm such a sucker for material, but when I find Moda on sale and at a great price, i just can't pass it up! Hello, my name is Lisa and I'm addicted to Fabric! YIKES!

Have a great week and i'll post some pictures this weekend of the progress for Michael's!


rachel griffith said...

cute, cute whirlygiggle.

p.s. where do you send your quilts???
just curious since we don't live THAT far from each other.

Candace said...

Very cute - I love the yellow and blue!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Cute whirly - how big are they?

Mary Johnson said...

Cute -- I have that template and made a quilt from it -- wasn't one of my best but one of these days I'm going to give it another shot!

erica e said...

i love the whirlygiggles! and i too am a fellow fabric addict!

Sherri said...

Hello my name is Sherri...and I'm adicted to fabric too! Love the whirlygiggles!