Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hour Bag Fabric

My Cousin and I went shopping last weekend and i was on the hunt for backing material for the boys' quilts ... i found Michael's backing and binding but had no luck with Alex and Matthew's.

While we were shopping i happened to come across the CUTEST fabric and decided to make a bag with it ... the bag my cousin happened to be carrying ... it is called the Hour Bag. She found the pattern on someones website and it is absolutely adorable! Maybe if she sends me a picture of it i can post it in the near the meantime, here is the fabric i bought to make it...isn't it just awesome! i LOVE how bright the green is. The green will be the lining and the floral the fun and summery!!! I plan to do some sewing this weekend but haven't decided what i want to start. Maybe i'll get the rest of the backing fabric and get those finished! What a good idea!!

Don't forget ... i'm coming up on my 100th post and i will definitely be having a give-away with several different ways to be entered.


Terry said...

Love the fabric! Can't wait to see your bag! :0)

Leslie said...

Great color combination! Post a pic when you've got it finished, please.

Della said...

Awesome fabrics Lisa

Kristin said...

I suppose I should pull the pattern out for you this weekend and send it to you! I'll try to get a picture of my bag too.