Monday, October 12, 2009

How Do You Store Your Quilts?

Ok...I have a question for everyone. How do you store your quilts?

I have seen so many people that put them in cabinets and it looks awesome, but i don't have room for a cabinet (maybe someday) so I store mine in a huge container in my office. I make pillowcases and then i fold up each quilt and put it in a pillow case.

What are your thoughts on how to store them and will it damage them the way I am storing them?

Sunday I went to Joann Fabrics for a few things and came across a sale bin containing fabric for $1 a yard ... and since i make my pillowcases with inexpensive fabric, i purchased 10 yards and made 8 pillowcases and still have fabric left to make a few more. So here's a picture of some of them...the fabric isn't the prettiest, but who really sees it when it contains a quilt in a container anyways?!

P.S. Check out the adorable table runner tutorial at Green Fairy Quilts. It's a pumpkin runner and it's cute :O)


Unknown said...

That's a really good question. I have mine hung on quilt racks, hanging on the wall and on beds. The leftovers get folded and placed on a chair. Neat method huh? you refold your quilts in a different way so they don't get permanent fold marks in them?

Trisha said...

Great idea for pillowcases!

My quilts are mostly displayed on walls, quilt ladder, and folded in a stack on a shelf. I have a few folded and put in a trunk. I hate when I get them out and they are all creased though. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone has to say about this. Great question!

Anonymous said...

I have all my quilts all over the house, on walls on beds over the chairs, I have a big Ladder it hold half a dozend quilts, small ladders anything I can fit a quilt on.
I like to see my quilts,yes I know they might get dusty or even fade a little, but I make them to enjoy them. They get wash and refolded differently on a regular basis.

Julia said...

Like Christine..I have all my quilts all over the house, on walls, on beds, over the chairs,anywhere a quilt will fit...
I refold them and turn them often..
Julia ♥

Unknown said...

It sounds like you are storing your quilts correctly. Is the container you store them in plastic? If it is, I wouldn't store them that way. A word of advice I've heard is to take your quilts out every now and then and refold them to prevent creases. Just like the other commentors, I have quilts all over the house!

Anonymous said...

I have all my quilts on the guest bed - queen size - they just lay on top of each other - I do change them so one quilt isn't always on the top. There are 43 of them.

Shanna said...

I like the idea with using pillowcases!! I have a basket in my living room that our quilts live in. We use them so often, my little girls are always taking them out and using them as play mats, etc. Love your blog :o)